Terms of service

The terms and conditions described here restrict access and use of the website and any other mobile application from Sibucán linked to these terms.

Permissions for the use of the site

The site and its mobile applications will be available to the user, as long as the use takes place under the conditions defined in the Terms of this contract.

User accounts and their content

To use some of the features of the site and mobile applications, the user must create an account and provide certain information. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password of his account, as well as all operations or activities that take place in his user account. The user is obliged to inform in case of any anomaly or unauthorized access to his account.

The user assumes all the risks associated with the content of his account and at the same time recognizes that he is solely responsible for the content published by himself. After being published, the content cannot always be withdrawn. The user declares that he owns or has the necessary permissions to use and authorize the use of his Content as described in this document.

The user accepts and acknowledges that content containing false, intentionally deceptive or defamatory material that violates the rights of third parties, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, privacy, advertising or any other intellectual property, must not be published; Containing material that is illegal, including hate speech or pornography.

When creating an account, the user will receive certain notifications related to the Site and its content. However, the user may choose not to receive notifications that are not of interest.

Account closure

SIBUCÁN reserves the right to close the user account without prior notice, if deemed necessary. When opening your account, the user must provide complete and accurate information, to contribute to the credibility of your account. The user will not pass for another person or use the account of another person. Likewise, the user should not create multiple user accounts. The user will not use improper, obscene and/or bullying language and will not upload any photo containing inappropriate images.

Data deletion policy

This clause sets out our policy for responding to requests for deletion of data and explains the rights of the data subject in relation to data deletion and the responsibilities of SIBUCÁN in responding with such a request.

A user of our platform has the right to request the deletion or removal of personal data where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing.

The right for data deletion and prevention of further processing applies under the following circumstances:

  1. When the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected/processed
  2. When the individual withdraws consent
  3. When the individual objects to the processing and there is no other legal ground for the relevant processing activity
  4. When the personal data was unlawfully processed

We will delete the data related to your account upon request (via email to info@sibucan.com). The data deletion request email should contain the following subject line: Account deletion request // Username.

A user of the SIBUCÁN platform, acting on behalf of their organization, can delete data from their account whenever they wish. This data is deleted from the system immediately and cannot be recovered by any users or SIBUCÁN employees after this point. Data which has been deleted or otherwise destroyed can not be recovered at any time. Sufficient warning is given to the account administrator before data is permanently deleted.

Data may still remain in the systems back-up files, which will be deleted periodically.

Information may be deleted from our platform upon request to info@sibucan.com. Complete deletion of the data shall be completed within one month (30 calendar days) and the user will be sent a confirmation once the information has been deleted. Wherever possible, we will aim to complete the request in advance of the deadline.

Changes in the terms of service

The Terms and Conditions here defined, correspond to the most current version thereof. SIBUCÁN reserves the right to modify, as long as it deems it prudent, the terms of use of the site and mobile applications. The user accepts that access and / or use of the Site are governed by the Terms in force at the time of accessing or using the Site. The user will receive notifications, via email and / or publications on the site, related to relevant changes that the Terms and Conditions of the use and access of the Site and mobile applications may have. It is recommended that the user periodically review the Terms and Conditions defined here, since, once published, the updated versions will be binding for the user. The user understands and accepts that, if he continues to access and / or use the site, he will be accepting the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions.

Site availability

The Site may be modified, updated, interrupted, suspended or suspended at any time without prior notice or liability.

Use of the content by SIBUCÁN

Once published on the site, the user’s content on the Site can be used in different ways, including showing it publicly, incorporating it in advertisements, promoting it and distributing it. By creating an account, the user irrevocably grants perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to use the User Content for any purpose. Please note that the users of the Site and any other means are also granted the irrevocable right to access the content associated with the use of the site. Finally, the user irrevocably waives any claim and assertion of rights associated with the use of the content published on the Site, by SIBUCÁN and its users.


SIBUCÁN is the irrevocable owner of the SIBUCÁN Content that includes, visual interfaces, interactive features, graphics, design, as well as, user content and other Site Content, computer code, products and software. SIBUCÁN is also the owner of the copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names and other intellectual property rights (“Intellectual Property Rights”) associated with the Content of SIBUCÁN, the Site and mobile applications, which are protected for copyright, commercial image, patent, trademark.


SIBUCÁN and its licensors may display advertisements and other information adjacent to or included with Your content. The user is not entitled to any compensation for said advertisements. The form, manner and scope of such advertising are subject to change without notice.


SIBUCÁN reserves the right to remove the content of a publication that violates the Content Guidelines established in these Terms and Conditions. In the event that said content is deleted or modified, SIBUCÁN will not be obliged to retain or provide the user with copies of its content, nor do we guarantee any confidentiality with respect to its content.


The user will not help, encourage or consent to other users using the Site and its mobile applications for the following purposes:

  1. Publish a false or defamatory evaluation
  2. Write or delete an evaluation in exchange for compensation
  3. Violate the rights of third parties, including any violation of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or any other intellectual property or property right
  4. Promote fanaticism or discrimination
  5. Use the site for commercial purposes not described or permitted by SIBUCÁN
  6. Send mass emails, surveys or other mass messages
  7. Violate any applicable law
  8. Reverse engineering any part of the site
  9. Access, retrieve or index any part of the Site in order to build or populate a database with the ability to search for commercial reviews
  10. Take part in, encourage or facilitate hacking, password extraction or any other means
  11. Implement actions that interfere with the proper functioning of the Site and its mobile applications
  12. Use the site to violate the security of any computer network, crack passwords or security encryption codes; disrupt or interfere with the security of, or otherwise cause damage to, the Site or the Site Content
  13. Publish false or defamatory information
  14. Exchange, in exchange for a benefit, reviews with other users
  15. Compensate someone or request compensation for posting, refrain from posting or deleting a review

Privacy policy

The user declares to have understood and accepted our Privacy Policy. The user’s information may be disclosed to third parties as long as the disclosure is necessary to (i) take measures to prevent and / or combat possible illegal activities; (ii) enforce or apply the Terms and Privacy Policy; (iii) comply with a legal process or other governmental investigation, such as a search warrant, subpoena, law, judicial proceeding, or other legal proceeding; or (iv) protect our rights, reputation and property, or that of our users, affiliates or the public.

Links to third parties

The user accepts that we are not responsible for the availability or content of “third party” Sites, which may be present, or be part of the content of SIBUCÁN. The use of third party sites will take place at the user’s risk and account.

Fees and payment terms

Important clarification regarding relationshipIndividual users contract directly with the service providers. We will not be a party to any agreements or contracts between individual clients and service providers. We act to facilitate connection and interaction between individual users and the service providers but do not act as a prime contractor for the services and there is no involvement in the payment process of those two parties. The contract for services is with the service providers, not with Sibucán.

Our feesThere is currently no charge for your use of the Service, to the extent this includes browsing the Website, downloading the App, reviewing the list of service providers, contacting service providers, rating the services after delivery, etc.

Termination feesIf you choose to terminate your User Account, no fees will be charged to your account.

Delimitation of responsibilities

Under no circumstances, SIBUCÁN will be responsible for:

  • Any indirect or incidental damage that may be incurred by the user
  • Any loss of income, business or profits (both direct and indirect) in which the user may incur
  • The veracity of the business information provided by the service provider
  • Any damage or loss that the user may suffer as a result of any of its operations related to the website

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